The ANICC role has been to harmonise and assemble the dates, to promote the Northern Ireland Championships, to liaise with our own and other Governing bodies of the sport and with Government departments, Sports Councils, the Lottery Fund and other sources of grant aid. In effect the ANICC is here to provide assistance and guidance to all our clubs and competitors in promoting our sport.

Recent and upcoming events

Sat 30 Apr 2016 Hill Climb UAC Craigantlet Hill Climb
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Sat 30 Apr 2016 Targa Rally CMC Shepherds Rest Targa Rally
  • Results
Sun 1 May 2016 Trial FWDCNI May Trial
Sun 1 May 2016 Car Shows PPMC Car Show
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Mon 2 May 2016 Stage Rally EMC St Angelo Stages Rally
  • Results
Mon 2 May 2016 Stage Rally EMC St Angelo Junior Stages
  • Results
Wed 4 May 2016 Autotest PMC (NI) Twist and Turn Autotest
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  • Regulations
Sat 7 May 2016 Stage Rally MDMC Tour of the Sperrins
  • Regulations
  • Entry form
Sat 7 - Sun 8 May 2016 Race BARC Bishopscourt Race Meeting
Sat 7 May 2016 Car Shows TSSC Concours
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ANICC postings

  • MSA launches online marshals training
    18 January 2016
    MSA launches online marshals' training and accreditation   Legendary co-driver Nicky Grist helped the Motor Sports Association (MSA) launch a new online training and accreditation scheme for rally and cross country marshals today at Autosport International. ...
    Posted by PMcCollum on 18/1/2016; Updated by sysadmin on 18/1/2016.
  • RallyFuture Forum
    29 October 2015
    The MSA, in conjuction with the ANICC, invites all rally competitors, volunteers, club members and organisers in Northern Ireland to the RallyFuture Forum to discuss stage rally safety and the future of the sport in the UK. ...
    Posted by PMcCollum on 29/10/2015; Updated by PMcCollum on 29/10/2015.
  • MSA Stage Rally Safety Requirements
    29 April 2015
    SPECTATOR SAFETY DRIVE YIELDS NEW RALLY REQUIREMENTS   The MSA project to enhance spectator safety in rallying reached a major milestone today with the publication of the 2015 Multi-Venue Stage Rally Safety Requirements, which set a clear template for how events ...
    Posted by PMcCollum on 29/4/2015; Updated by PMcCollum on 29/4/2015.

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