2005 Moonshine Rally Report

2 December 2005

Brian and Alan Dorman ended the navigation rallying year with a perfect score on Queen's University Motor Club's Moonshine Rally. On paper, they looked like the overwhelming favourites for the rally win, and they duly delivered in style, by cleaning the 60 mile County Down route in their Mk I Escort. They were initially challenged by Ronnie and Aaron Mitchell, who had only dropped 1 minute after 55 miles, but a nightmare finish, including visiting the same control 3 times, saw them finish on 56 marks in 7th place. Second went to the Mini of John and Amanda Lindsay. On Amanda's second only rally she destroyed the rest of the Beginner Class, and beat every one of the more experienced Novice crews. Third were Raymond Kelly and Colin McDowell, whose steady approach won them the Novice Class. Fourth were Hubert and Elaine Scott, and fifth were James Nicol and Rachel Muldoon, who had a great run spoilt by missing an early control.


  1. Brian Dorman/Alan Dorman (Expert) Ford Escort Mk I 0 marks
  2. John Lindsay/Amanda Lindsay (Beginner) Mini 24 marks
  3. Raymond Kelly/Colin McDowell (Novice) Toyota Starlet 28 marks
  4. Hubert Scott/Elaine Scott (Expert) Citroën Xsara 37 marks
  5. James Nicol/Rachel Muldoon (Novice) Peugeot 106 41 marks
  6. Maurice Cresswell/James Cresswell (Novice) Vauxhall Corsa 54 marks
  7. Ronnie Mitchell/Aaron Mitchell (Novice) Ford XR4x4 56 marks
  8. David Wilson/Samuel Wilkinson (Novice) Ford Fiesta 56 marks
  9. Andrew Wilson/Ian Hawthorne (Novice) Ford Escort 57 marks
  10. Paul McCulla/Christopher McCulla (Beginner) TVR 3000 144 marks
  11. Philip Allen/Robert Anderson (Novice) Austin Mini 169 marks
  12. Isla Graham/Richard Finlay (Beginner) Vauxhall Corsa 180 marks
  13. Richard Charles/Richard Hunniford (Novice) Rover 214Si 281 marks
  14. Steven Wallace/Timothy Wallace (Novice) Peugeot 205 DNF

Patrick McCollum


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