2006 Moonshine Rally Report

8 December 2006

Rodney and Helen Ferguson continued their tremendous run of form with victory in the Moonshine Rally. Unlike normal championship rallies, this rally was run on a handicap basis, so any crew could win overall, regardless of what class they had entered. The class structure for this rally was also unusual, with the four classes being for Rallyschool, Novices, Experts/Semi-experts, and Alan Dorman. Such is his level of success, it was deemed necessary to have instructions written specifically for the 4 time champion. In the event, Alan still only picked up 5 marks and finished in 2nd place overall. Third went to James Woods/Chris Ragg, who took up the challenge of competing in the Alan Dorman class. They matched Dorman for most of the rally, and finished not far behind on 9 marks. Fourth went to Ronnie and Aaron Mitchell, who won the Expert/Semi-Expert class. The best of the Rallyschool crews was Neil and Rebecca Fletcher, who won despite missing the final secret check of the night.


  1. Rodney Ferguson/Helen Ferguson (Vauxhall Corsa, Novice) 2 marks
  2. David Erwin/Alan Dorman (Renault Clio, Alan Dorman Class) 5 marks
  3. James Woods/Chris Ragg (Vauxhall Disastra, Alan Dorman Class) 9 marks
  4. Ronnie Mitchell/Aaron Mitchell (Audi Quattro, Expert/Semi-Expert) 12 marks
  5. David Preston/Kyle Preston (Citroën Saxo, Novice) 36 marks
  6. David Kerr/Maurice Cresswell (Vauxhall Corsa, Expert/Semi-Expert) 36 marks
  7. Gary Milligan/Robert Milligan (Citroën Saxo, Expert/Semi-Expert) 38 marks
  8. Neil Fletcher/Rebecca Fletcher (Escort Mexico, Rallyschool) 49 marks
  9. Chris Robb/Steven Robb (Nissan Micra, Rallyschool) 71 marks
  10. William Hagan/Barry McCarte (Vauxhall, Rallyschool) 74 marks
  11. Raymond Kelly/Colin McDowell (Toyota Starlet, Novice) 84 marks
  12. Norman Hall/William Hall (Ford Focus, Novice) 124 marks
  13. Clifford Auld/Victoria Ward (Triumph Vitesse, Novice) 142 marks
  14. John Ricketts/Graham Brew (Kia Sportage, Rallyschool) 164 mark

Patrick McCollum

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