2007 Moonshine Rally Report

7 December 2007

Richard Beattie and Ian Hawthorne claimed their first rally win on Queen's University Belfast Motor Club's Moonshine Rally. At the half way stage, it was Dungannon's Ivan and Gareth Hawe who held the lead, but a missed control on the last section meant that Beattie/Hawthorne were able to win by a clear 7 marks. Nigel Campbell and Colin Harkness had a good run to finish in second place. Andrew Mairs and Ian Campbell cleaned more sections than anyone else, but costly mistakes left them in 3rd overall. Brian and Ruth Barr were the best of the Beginners.

<br />Results:

  1. Richard Beattie/Ian Hawthorne (Citroën Saxo) Novice 12 marks
  2. Nigel Campbell/Colin Harkness (VW Golf) Novice 19 marks
  3. Andrew Mairs/Ian Campbell (Austin Mini) Novice 36 marks
  4. Barry Gilpin/Denis Morton (Rover 414) Novice 41 marks
  5. Neil Fletcher/Rebecca Fletcher (Ford Escort) Novice 48 marks
  6. William Carey/Barry McCarte (Renault Megane) Novice 53 marks
  7. Ivan Hawe/Gareth Hawe (Renault Scenic) Semi-Expert 55 marks
  8. Ken McDonald/Brian Harte (Ford Escort) Novice 58 marks
  9. Brian Barr/Ruth Barr (Nissan Micra) Beginner 89 marks
  10. John Boyle/Austin Grimes (Vauxhall Corsa) Novice 161 marks
  11. Ray McClurg/David McClurg (VW Polo) Beginner 167 marks
  12. John Ricketts/Graham Brew (Kia Sportage) Novice 167 marks
  13. David Preston/Kyle Preston (Citroën Saxo) Semi-Expert 179 marks
  14. Geraldine Gillen/Declan McNaughton (Skoda Superb) Novice 279 marks

Patrick McCollum

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