Statement from ANICC regarding WRC

13 July 2022


At the ANICC meeting on Monday 20th June 2022, the Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs discussed Rally Northern Ireland and its role as the British round of the World Rally Championship (WRC).

The member clubs once again confirmed their overwhelming support for the concept of Motorsport UK (Governing Body of Motorsport in the UK) planning to organise a Closed Road event in Northern Ireland which would be structured as the British round of the World Rally Championship.

Given the immense history of our Clubs running superb closed road stage rallies in Northern Ireland for almost 100 years there is no better way to celebrate that success than having the World Rally Championship on our shores and with support from all our experienced volunteers, the local councils and all the motor clubs it will be a fantastic opportunity for Motorsport UK to showcase all that is positive about motorsport in Northern Ireland.

There will be opportunities for everyone to enjoy an event of this stature and the financial benefits to Northern Ireland as a whole cannot be underestimated.

The ANICC is also extremely aware of the challenges, extending over a period of years, that such an event would create for other motorsport events throughout the province, especially for clubs organising events on closed public roads. Of course, all of this is only possible with the essential need for Government funding and the huge challenges of achieving this goal.  The ANICC remains confident that the ongoing engagement between itself and Motorsport UK can minimise the natural side effects of such a large event in our Calendar.

The ANICC is therefore keen to continue our negotiations with Motorsport UK to ensure that Rally Northern Ireland can secure the required funding and present an event which will be the envy of all other countries throughout the world.

Wilson Carson
Chairman, ANICC

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