2010 May Race Meeting Report

29 May 2010

Little in the way of sunshine for the May car race meeting, but in no way did that hinder the high speed action.


First race to the line was a well supported Formula Vee races with Dan Polley on pole from Adam Macauley. A race that soon was to develop into a three car battle and on the last corner, the Hairpin, David O’Brien looking good for the victory went off as Polley charged to the line ahead of Roy Halnon who had Gerard Callaghan in his mirrors.


Race two and a full grid with Ray Moore on pole, one packed with incidents, the safety car was required, racing then commenced briefly, but a red flag brought the proceedings to an end with Trevor Delaney and Brian Kelly completing the top three.


Ryan Templeton had pole for the Pre 90 Formula Ford encounter from Nigel Smyth, but a slow start from the two front row occupiers saw John Stewart dash through to take the lead, soon he was overhauled by a very on form Smyth and reigning champion Neville Anderson struggled with a misfiring engine. Smyth’s win taking him into the lead for the championship.


The Open Formula Ford race did not disappoint. Mike Edgar who had pole produced a poor start as John Ferguson led off with Adrian Pollock in hot pursuit, then a battle developed for the lead between Ferguson, Edgar and teenager Jonny McMullen and on the last lap, drama as Ferguson and Edgar touched on the fastest part of the circuit, a brilliant avoiding action by McMullen saw him at the head of the field and on to victory and a clear lead in the championship, what a 18th birthday present.


Roadsports entries continue to grow aided in no small manner by the number in class B, or becoming better known as N.I. Sevens. They were back at Kirkistown after a foray to Mondello. No surprise, once again it was Stephen Donnelly on pole position from Graham Moore. However Moore did keep in touch right to the flag as Crossle boss Arnie Black made a rare race appearance and completed the top three. Best of the Sevens was Mark Crawford who finished sixth overall. Race two and again it was Donnelly all the way. Moore stalled on the line and the race was red flagged, he played no further part with Black going one better to take second and Colin Reid was best of the Sevens, fifth overall.


Saloons, GTs and Porsches with race wins for Robin Titterington (GT3 Cup) and Ronayne O’Mahoney in the only Supercar in the race and Stanley Watson came through to win the Formula Libre/Sheane race when Ivor Greenwood retired his Radical.


The Pre-55 Historics entertained, but no one could match the pace of Andy Johnson’s Alfa Monza.


Formula Vee. Race 1:

  1. Daniel Polley (Kers Vee) 10 laps in 11m 40.80s (77.70mph
  2. Roy Halnon (Sheane FV07) + 2.03s
  3. Gerard Callaghan (Sheane FV93)
  4. David O’Brien (Sheane FV99)
  5. Michael Sammon (Sheane FV01)
  6. Damien Murphy (Sheane FV01)
  7. Adam Macauley ((Sheane FV01)
  8. Aidan Byrne (Sheane FV03)
  9. Gavin Barr (Leastone JH002)
  10. Morgan McCourt (Leastone JH004).

Fastest Lap. Macauley 1m 08.65s (79.29mph). Pole Position. Polley1m 13.31s (74.25mph). Starters: 19.


Race 2.

  1. Ray Moore (Leastone JH002) 10 laps in 13m 20.30s (68.01mph)
  2. Trevor Delaney (Sheane FV99) +1.12s
  3. Brian Kelly (Sheane FV97)
  4. O’Brien
  5. Halnon
  6. Murphy
  7. Callaghan
  8. Macauley
  9. Joe Smith (Sheane FV96)
  10. Byrne.

FL. Delaney 1m 08.08s (79.95mph). PP. Moore 1m 11.64s (75.98mph). Starters: 26.


Pre 90 Formula Ford 1600

  1. Nigel Smyth (Reynard FF84) 15 laps in 16m 12.46s (83.96mph)
  2. John Stewart (Reynard FF84) + 1.02s
  3. Ryan Templeton (Crossle 32F)
  4. James Hagan (Reynard FF84)
  5. Henry Campbell (Reynard FF83)
  6. Brendan Duggan (Van Diemen RF87)
  7. Robbie Stevens (PRS RH01)
  8. David McNeill (Crossle 40F)
  9. Neville Anderson (Mondiale M89S)
  10. David Black (Crossle 32F).

FL. Stewart 1m 03.71s (85.43mph). PP. Templeton 1m 07.56s (80.57mph). Starters: 10.


Open Formula Ford 1600.

  1. Jonathan McMullen (Van Diemen RF92) 19 laps in 21m 15.40s (81.09mph)
  2. Adrian Pollock (Van Diemen RF92) + 5.26s
  3. James Hagan (Reynard FF84)
  4. John Stewart (Reynard FF84)
  5. Nigel Smyth (Reynard FF84)
  6. Brendan Duggan (Van Diemen RF87)
  7. Henry Campbell (Reynard FF83)
  8. David Nicholl (Ray GR92)
  9. David McNeill (Crossle 40F).

FL. Pollock 1m 04.68s (84.16mph).PP. Michael Edgar (Van Diemen) 1m 03.19s (86.14mph). Starters: 11.


Saloon/GT/Porsche. Race 1.

  1. Robin Titterington (Porsche GT3 Cup) 13 laps in 13m 59.78s (84.26mph)
  2. Ronayne O’Mahoney (Supercar) +6.30s
  3. Philip Jones (Porsche 996)
  4. Philip Shields (Ferrari 360)
  5. Wesley McCreary (Lotus Elise)
  6. Pat O’Sullivan (Porsche GT3)
  7. David Whelan (Porsche 993)
  8. Stephen Traub (Honda Integra)
  9. Greer Wray (Vectra Challenge)
  10. Richard O’Mahoney (Porsche 993).

FL. Titterington 1m 02.76s (86.73mph). PP. Titterington 1m 04.12s (84.88mph). Class winners: Titterington; Shields; Ronayne O’Mahoney; Stephen Traub.Starters: 19.

Race 2.

  1. Ronayne O’Mahoney 15 laps in 17m 00s
  2. Titterington +17.85s
  3. Bob Cameron (Porsche GT2)
  4. Wray
  5. Stephen Traub
  6. Whelan
  7. Shields
  8. O’Sullivan
  9. Jim Wilson (Sierra Cosworth)
  10. Tony Traub (Honda Integra).

FL. Ronayne O’Mahoney 1m 06.51s (81.84mph). PP. 1m 04.42s (84.98mph). CW: Titterington; Ronayne O’Mahoney; Wray; Shields. Starters: 18.


Roadsports Race 1.

  1. Stephen Donnelly (Locost Honda) 13 laps in 13m 18.60s (88.60mph)
  2. Graham Moore (Radical Clubsport) + 1.37s
  3. Arnie Black (Crossle 42S)
  4. Ian Trevor (Westfield)
  5. John Benson (Sylva Fury)
  6. Mark Crawford (Stryker)
  7. Ryan Magennis (Locost)
  8. Colin Reid (Locost)
  9. Andrew Parkinson (Indy)
  10. Iain Leinster (Westfield).

FL. Donnelly. PP. Donnelly 1m 02.95s (86.47mph).CW. Donnelly; Moore; Crawford. Starters: 18.

Race 2.

  1. Donnelly 13 laps in 13m 22.90s (88.13mph)
  2. Black +16.74s
  3. Benson
  4. Trevor
  5. Reid
  6. Magennis
  7. Crawford
  8. Richard Morgan (Westfield)
  9. Brian McGoldrick (Locost)
  10. Jimmy Dougan (Locost)

FL. Donnelly 1m 00.23s (90.36mph).PP. Donnelly 1m 02.98s (86.41mph) CW. Donnelly; Black; Reid. Starters: 16.

Pre-55 Historics.

  1. Andy Johnson (Alfa Monza) 10 laps in 13m 33.28s (66.93mph)
  2. David Miller (Jaguar XK140) + 1m 15.81s
  3. Leslie Murray (Bugatti T35)
  4. Kieran White (TRS)
  5. Edmund Cassidy (Jaguar XK150)
  6. Detlef Heyer (MB 300SL)
  7. Frank Nuttall (Ford Special).

FL. Johnson 1m 19.97s (68.07mph). PP. Johnson 1m 19.32s ((68.62mph). Starters: 8.

Formula Libre/Sheane.

  1. Stanley Watson (Van Diemen FI) 17 laps in 16m 56.27s (91.05mph)
  2. Jim Larkham (Radical PRO6) + 18.64s
  3. Anton Savage (Formula Sheane)
  4. Kevin Sheane (Formula Sheane)
  5. Keith Hogg (Formula Sheane)
  6. Brian Hearty (Formula Sheane)
  7. Tristin Quinn (Formula Sheane)
  8. Mark Keenan (Formula Sheane).

FL. Watson 58.25s (93.45mph). PP. Ivor Greenwood (Radical Prosport) 58.28s (93.40mph). Starters: 13.

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