2008 Snowdrop Rally Report

29 February 2008

Leslie and Gareth Hawe won the Snowdrop Rally for the second time in as many years.  On a night of truly miserable weather, the Dungannon crew had to fight off a fierce challenge from a number of competitors before they emerged as victors by a scant 2 marks.  John and Jonathan Henderson held a reasonable lead going into the last section, but 6 marks dropped in this stage cost them the win.

William and David Howard managed a 4 mark winning margin in the Novice class, but a single mark covered the next three crews.  Raymond and Gareth Deazley scraped home in second place ahead of a brace of Mk I Escorts who both finished on a score of 21.

Stephen and Paul Chambers won the Beginners class in what might be considered a wholly unsuitable car for the job, a Range Rover.  Conor and Tony Kelly were the top Rally School crew of the night.


Patrick McCollum

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