11 May 2017

Round 3 of the ANICC Millers Oils Northern Ireland Hillclimb Championship takes place this Saturday, 13th May with the usual wide variety of cars competing including rallycars, single seater racing cars and standard roadcars.   Event favourite is reigning N.I. Hillclimb Champion, Chris Houston who won the first two rounds this season at Croft and Craigantlet in his beautiful new OMS hillclimb spec. single seater.   Competition should be provided by the other quick single seaters of John Donnelly and Brendan Flynn.

The bumpy and twisty nature of Drumhorc means that the fastest saloons can get closer to the single seaters than normal and if there are any wet conditions on the day, there could be a real chance of an upset.   Likely candidates for that could be the Gage Maguire Minis, Ivan McCullough's mighty Nissan GTR or Seamus Morris' powerful and nimble rallyspec. Darrian.   Another strong contender should be Irish Rally legend Dessie McCartney in his Darrian rallycar.

There are several good spectator viewing points at Drumhorc and the action will start at 10.30.   The hill is located at Laurencetown, between Banbridge and Gilford.



Posted by CLavery on 11/5/2017; Last updated by CLavery on 11/5/2017