2019 SW Adair Tyres Northern Ireland Sprint Champi

3 March 2019

2019 SW Adair Tyres Northern Ireland Sprint Championship Bulletin 1 03 March 2019

 Championship Registration

Competitors must register for the 2019 SW Adair Tyres Sprint Championship, and display the Championship Stickers in order to be eligible to score points. Several Competitors who competed at the first Championship Round at Nutts Corner on 02 March 2019 were either not registered or failed to display championship stickers as per the Championship Regulations. Therefore these competitors have not been awarded Championship points.

All registration must be completed online at www.rallyscore.net The facility to register on paper at events is no longer available.

Your attention is drawn to the Championship Regulations at www.anicc.org.uk and in particular to section 1.4 Registration.

Should you require any additional information email sprint@anicc.org.uk


Posted by DAVID EVANS on 3/3/2019; Last updated by DAVID EVANS on 3/3/2019