Heron Farm Report

3 November 2012


Eleven drivers arrived bright and early at Herons Farm in the hills above Leitrim to do battle over five sections (kindly set up by Clive and Mervyn). The weather was dry and bright with rain forecast for the afternoon so the CoC left judgement on the number of rounds until later in the trial. Tyre pressures where set at 5psi for class A&B and 4psi for class C.



Section one had a gruelling start with top gear being required to reach the six post and then a climb up to a tight bend and then a trickle was the order.



Section Two had an easy start with top gear required for the final climb blasting from the bottom and then catching the trickle to complete the hill.



Section Three had a tricky finish with a sharp step requiring the drivers full attention.

Section Four was a twisty tight hill catching out novice and experienced drivers alike.



Section Five was a long hill with a sloping cross camber finish.



Round one saw Master Gracey do battle with Brian Edgar finishing the round on zero to Simon’s two. Harry Barr once again was doing the business in Class B with David Turkington performing well in Class C.



The CoC made changes as the trial progressed and decided on four rounds.



By round four Brian Edgar had only dropped 5 points but Master Gracey had driven superbly well only dropping 3 marks all day to take his first win of the season. John and Mervyn McKinney both finished on twelve with John’s son Ryan sitting for grandfather Mervyn, John took third place on cleans much to Ryan’s dismay. Harry Barr continued his unbeaten run in class B with Graham Jennings picking up second place. David Turkington took the glory in class C.



Thanks to the Heron family for once again letting us use this site.


C Gracey


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