Wrightman's Sporting Trial Report

17 November 2012

This was the 5th time the Club had met this season and again great trialling weather blessed the meeting, cold but dry and sunny the ground wet and very slippery-perfect conditions in fact. A round of the Northern Ireland Motorcycle Trials Championship was also taking place on William Wightmans super site; they were on the mountain we were on the grass. The Wightman family’s generosity in allowing these events is remarkable and a special thank you goes to William.


With 80 competitors arriving for the ‘bike’event and 14 of us the normal easy parking now become a bit of a problem, however this was overcome and scrutineering got under way in the field. With such a crowd the atmosphere was electric, bike men looked at our machines and visa versa, the bikes moved off at 11 o/clock we started at 12.


Peter Frost had brought his trials car along to test his revised braking system and give it a run, 13 of our members prepared to trial. The Chairman was passengering for John Keatley and Michael Henderson was in with Harry Barr as Mr Trickle was unable to attend.


5 Hills had been laid out on the previous Thursday, Andrew assisted by his passenger Chris and The Chairman who lives nearby, oddly enough father Tom had refused to help- ‘par for the course’ said Trevor.


Hill 1 used before but altered with a tricky bit in the middle around the 6.Hill 2 as used before but was to become decisive on the last lap.Hill 3 a completely new set up which worked well. Hill 4 a tough finish mastered by Trevor Aston from the start. Hill 5 getting up and past the 5 marker required speed and then more speed cleared by only a few with the necessary nerve.


After CoC Andrews talk with instruction given regarding seating, 4 wheels out and the après trial pub venue off we went. By the end of lap 1 Simon Gracey was leading Class A on 3 lost to Trevor Aston on 5 and Harry Barr in Class B on 8 in Class C David Turkington was leading from Al Booth. After a round the grass had become slippery, trickling more difficult and revs were heard. By the end of round 2 and a break to allow adjustment where necessary scores were, Trevor Aston on 5 and now leading the Class A men,Simon one behind on 6 and in B Harry Barr was in the lead on 21. What of the rest well Hill 2 had cost Tom McKinney dear and he also suffered a 6 getting hung up on Hill 1 –maybe he should have helped in the setting up- John Keatley never got up Hill 5 ‘sun’s in my eye’s was the problem! I forgot to mention we were on 5lbs which makes a huge difference.


After very minor adjustments were made off we went into Lap 3 and Brian Edgar showed how it’s done on 1 lost for the lap however Master Gracey had got ahead of Trevor Aston with a 3 to his 5 and was again leading Class A on a super 9 to Trevors 10 and Brians 13. In B Harry led the way from Michael McBratney and David Turkington held the lead in C.


The final lap was to be as happens the decider, Brian Edgar stormed through on 5,not enough to get the lead from Trevor Aston but enough to tie with Master Gracey and beat him on cleans-oh dear a 1 on Hill 1 followed by a 6 on Hill 2 sealed Simons fate-the joys of trialling- further down the field Mervyn McKinney was cruising and enjoying ‘pressure free’ trialling in the company of grandson and passenger Ryan, his record in terms of local Championships and wins is hard to better,perhaps Mark Vaughan is ahead but who’s counting. Tombola expert and triallist brother Tom had a poor day only redeemed in the Chairman’s eyes by his producing the long awaited bottle of gin won by a friend of the Chairman at the Clubs recent Prizegiving Dinner. Geoff McKay was only beaten by a point by Michael McBratney and David Turkington had an 8 point lead over Al Booth.


That was that and we drove down to The Millbrook lodge for a drink and the Results.



Clive Gracey



Class A

  1. Trevor Aston-Concord – 17 lost
  2. Brian Edgar-Crossle- 18
  3. Simon Gracey-Crossle- 18 ( B E got him on cleans)

Class B

  1. Harry Barr-Crossle- 50 lost
  2. M McBratney-Sherpa- 61
  3. Geoff McKay-SRB- 62

Class C

  1. David Turkington –GPS- 68
  2. Al Booth – Concord- 76
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