Rory's Wood Trial Report

29 December 2012

This site at John Crossle’s Farm the home of The Crossle Car Co makes a super venue after the excesses of Christmas, we were in particular good form as on the radio came the announcement that John had been awarded an MBE in the New Year honours, well deserved and adding to the Doctor of Science awarded earlier in 2010 is a very fitting reward for his services to motorsport.


The factory doors were open and plenty of cars were in evidence, nice to poke about at super machinery. CoC Graeme Jennings had on Friday set up 5 sections helped by the Chairman the ground was very wet so Hills were set simply and tyre pressures would have to be low.


More rain on Sat morning did not help however 14 cars made the journey to Holywood,nice to see Robert Robinson in action as it was to have Chris Stanley marshalling.Unfortunatly Harry Barr has had a recurring problem with his shoulder and will be unable to drive this season, this will leave David Webster, Michael McBratney and Geoff McKay fighting for the Class B wins, and if David Turkington continues to improve we could see him causing an upset.


So after scrutineering by Messers Aston and Henderson and a word or two from the CoC off the field went.


Hill 1 only caught on lap 1 David Turkington and Al Booth by lap 4 this was to change with Class A men Simon Gracey and John McKinney catching 9’s and David sailing through with a zero!


Hill 2 was working ok, by lap 3 it was to claim a top runner and start his downward spiral.


Hill 3 this got tricky requiring blast and trickle skills.


Hill 4 Possibly the easiest but again blast and trickle was necessary.


Hill 5 Just a blast all day and as it rutted it became easier.


By the end of lap 1 Trevor Aston in top form this season was in the lead on 4 lost to Thursday Club Chairman Tom McKinney’s 6 Brian Edgars 7 and Mervyn McKinney on a sound 13, in Class B David W had the lead and was showing his passenger Michael Henderson a difference in style from his usual driver ‘Mr Trickle Jennings’. In C David had the lead from Al Booth.


John Keatley had a super lap 2 for 3 lost and was now on 12 and second place to Tom McKinney on 11,Trevor was on 14 and Mervyn was on a calm 17,lap 3 was to change everything 1st to suffer Master Tom with a 9 on Hill 2,’too fast’ said Trevor, this left the order somewhat changed,Mervyn McKinney came through on 1 lost for a total now of 18 to John Keatleys 3 and a total of 15,Trevor was on 19 and oh dear Tom 20. Master Gracey having had work done to his engine was ‘tuning’ as he went and losing


Concentration forgot to change gas bottles after 2 laps collected a 9 for his troubles this plus his Hill 1 error put him well down the field.


Lap 4 was to be the decider and Mervyn McKinney held his nerve and stormed through with a 7 for a total of 25 to JK’s 28 and Trevor Aston’s 30. And where was Tom who had been away on his own at the end of lap 2 well on 31 and 4th place with son Andrew on 39 tying with Brian Edgar but getting him on cleans.


In B David Webster did the business,will Michael Henderson be asked back or more to the point would he do it again! Only time will tell. In C David Turkington took the win. What else to report well Ryan McKinney, Mervyn’s passenger was more pleased with Mervyn’s win than Mervyn (he’s a grandson) and as they had well and truly beaten his father John the victory seemed all the sweeter.


The Chairman had chatted with Mrs Laura McKinney Ryan’s mum out for a change watching her family in action and it’s great to see three generations of one family trialling. Hills were raked in and the Pub beckoned, The Chairman tried to avoid Henry Crossle as the top of the adjoining grass field had suffered considerable tracking however in the end he had to face up to his responsibilities and face the music in the Crossle family kitchen !


Competitors reinflated tyres from the 3lbs permitted and loaded cars on trailers and into vans, was that a flat tyre seen hurriedly being given air? That’s a secret for the time being!



Clive Gracey

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