2013 Wrightman's Farm Trial Report

9 February 2013

Twelve drivers arrived bright and early at Wightman’s Farm in the hills above Spa to do battle over five sections set up by the clerk of the course John McKinney. The weather was dry and bright but ground conditions where extremely wet so John announced tyre pressures of 3psi for class A&B and 2psi for class C.


Section one had a gruelling start with top gear being required to reach the eight post and then a climb up an extremely step incline that only the brave gave full commitment.


Section Two had a difficult start with top gear required and the final climb blasting from the bottom and then catching the trickle to complete the hill.


Section Three had a tricky finish with a sharp step requiring the drivers’ full attention.


Section Four was a twisty tight hill catching out novice and experienced drivers alike at the very steep climb in the middle.


Section Five once again had a difficult start with a small wheelie required to obtain a zero.


Round one saw Andrew McKinney do battle with Brian Edgar finishing the round on four to Andrew’s three. Harry Barr in class B had a fall and unfortunately had to retire we hope all is OK. Class B was being led by Michael McBratney on 13.


The CoC made changes after two rounds with his usual style and attention to detail.


By round four Brian Edgar had dropped 34 points but once again Trevor Aston had driven superbly well only dropping 22 marks all day, although a stern talking to by passenger Andrew (“are we going to @@@@ about all day”) made the difference, to take the win. Andrew McKinney fell back after being caught at the difficult hill 5 to finish third on 38 points. Geoffrey McKay drove like a man possessed to take class B on 53 points. G Currid took the glory in class C in his first ever trial, well done.


Thanks to the Wightman family for once again letting us use this site.



David Webster

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