Charity Autotest report

18 February 2017


TSCC Charity Autotest 18/02/17


We held our annual charity autotest at Kirkstown on Saturday 18th February.  We had 50 entries including 4 Juniors. Congratulations to Tim Tomlin for his overall win and Ben McKee for the win in the junior class. We had some outstanding performances and would like to thank all Competitors for your support. 

The nominated charity this year is Mourne Mountain Rescue.  In conjunction with The Peak Performance Motor Club the total raised with your support was £865. £500 from entries, £320 from the burgers, teas and buns after costs and further donations of £45. This combined with the money raised at the PPMC autotest in January of £700 Will allow both clubs to give a combined donation to the Mourne Mountan Rescue of £1,565.

We would like to thank all involved in making the event run well and an enjoyable day. This includes the Marshals Goff, Nigel, Ian Bronagh, Mathew, Fel,Trevor, John Clarke, Pete, Neill, Ivan, Brendan, Chris, Liz, Susan and Simon. Lucinda and Roger for sign on and results, Trevor and Robert for Scrutineering, burgers tea and buns Sharon, Maire and Niamh and finally Wallace McKee for arranging setup and being CoC.

We would like to thank you for all your support and adding to the craic of the day.

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