Tweeds English Visitors Event Report

26 October 2019

Six cars made the journey over from the mainland and were made very welcome to

Tweeds Farm – a first class trials site at which the BTRDA Final was held a few years



Campbell Tweed makes welcome to a great mix of sports people on his farm and not

only were the mudpluggers in action but in the distance a large gathering of horses

and riders were seen enjoying the hills.


Of STCC members, 13 made it to the event. The Chairman and his wife had given up

the previous Saturday to set up 10 hills for this two-day event, the plan was to set the

last two hills after the Saturday run so again have six hills for the Sunday final.

This was achieved.


The weather was more than kind, dry, sunny but cold - just ideal trialling conditions.

However, more grass than usual would make conditions slippery and the sun,

although very welcome, was shining strongly and causing some difficulty seeing up

the hills.


CoC welcomed drivers and warned regarding 4 wheels out and tyre pressure (6psi)

rules. Chairman David Webster then introduced a more competitive plan on the lines

of the Ryder Cup which would result in a win either for the home team or the NPTCC



And at 10.30 off all went. The 6 hills were well known to locals and visitors alike and

with various changes have been used many times.

Hill 1 gave little trouble all day, Hill 2 the same, Hill 3 was another low scoring climb

however Hills 4, 5, and 6 were the ones where points could and were lost. In fact, the

winner’s clean of Hill 4 on the 1st lap sealed his victory.


By the end of lap 1 (of 4) David Webster was on 2, Andrew McKinney 7 and visitor

Simon Kingsley 11 closely followed by Trevor Aston on 12, the rest followed.

Lap 2 and Simon Kingsley closed the gap with a score of 5 to David’s 8, they were on

their own and both driving brilliantly. 9’s on hill 4 were costly and it was going to be

the hill that would give the win.

Lap 3 saw David pull ahead of Simon with Trevor Aston closing the gap on Andrew

McKinney who is just now getting to grips with his Crossle. David Webster looks

like someone who has been Crossle mounted for a lifetime not 4 or 5 events - what’s

he on?

Lap 4 saw little change both Simon Kingsley and Andrew McKinney bested David

but he had done enough earlier to be unbeatable. Harry Barr had a super 4th lap

coming in tops on only 5 lost - if he had done that on the previous 3 the win would

have been his. Alistair Morrison won class B - a great result.


A good day’s event and off all went to Antrim and the Prizegiving Dinner

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