2003 Pre-Circuit Rally Report

28 February 2003

Phil and Alan Dorman scored their maiden victory in Omagh Motor Club’s Pre-Circuit Rally, the second round of the Northern Ireland Navigation Rally Championship. They had threatened to win on many previous occasions, and their win was emphatic when it came, picking up only 3 penalties.

Second overall on the Omagh event went to Stephen Wishart and Jonathan Charlesson in their Peugeot 106.  This was a fantastic result considering it was their first event in the top class after dominating the Novice Class last year.  They finished on 28 penalties.

These were the only two crews from the large field of 35 cars to find a small lane through the Ulster-American Folk Park, and it proved decisive as it gave them a clear lead over the rest of the field that they were never to lose.

Best of the rest were Willie McKeown and Patrick McCollum, on 42 penalties, making it a Queen's University Motor Club 1-2-3.  Last year's winners, Leslie Young and Lewis Boyd, were fourth in their Sierra, and the highest placed local crew.  Robbie McClean and Richard Hicks returned to the championship on this event, but picking up a maximum 30 in both halves ruined their chances, and they finished in 5th place on 76 penalties.  The current champions, Eddie Murphy and Barry Taggart, were well on course for at least a top 3 placing by half way, but a disastrous 2nd half, including a second 30 penalty, put them out of the running, and they finished 6th on 87 penalties.

Laurence Christie and Andrew Whale were the top Novice crew, finishing on 47 minutes, although it was a tightly fought class.  Five minutes separated the top five crews, with Colin and Pat Quinn finishing second on 48 minutes, Clifford Auld and John Lindsay on 49, and father and son, John and Jonathan Henderson, next on 50 in their familiar Talbot Sunbeam.  David Gibson and William Hamilton were not far away either, finishing on 52 penalties.  Early leaders, Chris Ragg and James Woods, faltered badly during the second half and ended up on 83 penalties, and 6th in class.  This class also included the rather unusual sight of the Volkswagen Sharan competing in a navigation rally.  In a discipline more often associated with Minis, Vauxhall Nova’s, Peugeot 106’s and the like, it must have been quite something to see Plunkett Boyle in the big MPV tackling the tight lanes and acute hairpins.  At least it did not give the navigator, Vicki Milligan, grounds to complain about lack of space for the maps.

Alistair and Jonathan McKane made it two wins out of two in the Beginner's Class this year.  Their winning margin was quite slim, though, as 3 minutes behind them were Gerry McWilliams/Fearghal McDonald. 

Roy McCracken and Graeme Campbell won the Omagh rallyschool class.

Patrick McCollum


  1. Phil Dorman  Alan Dorman  Vauxhall Nova  3 mins
  2. Stephen Wishart  Jonathan Charlesson Peugeot 106  28 mins
  3. Willie McKeown  Patrick McCollum Vauxhall Corsa  42 mins
  4. Leslie Young  Lewis Boyd  Ford Sierra  49 mins
  5. Robbie McClean  Richard Hicks  Toyota Corolla  76 mins
  6. Edward Murphy  Barry Taggart  Vauxhall Nova  87 mins


  1. Laurence Christie  Andrew Whale  Peugeot 205  47 mins
  2. Colin Quinn  Pat Quinn  Rover 214  48 mins
  3. Clifford Auld  John Lindsay  Triumph 2.5Pi  49 mins
  4. John Henderson  Jonathan Henderson Talbot Sunbeam  50 mins
  5. David Gibson  William Hamilton Ford Escort  52 mins
  6. Chris Ragg  James Woods  Mini   83 mins
  7. Patsy Branney  Andy Gilmore Skoda Favorit 86 mins
  8. John Adams  Mervyn Elder Peugeot 205 108 mins
  9. John Stafford  Tony McHugh  Mini  113 mins
  10. Paul Gray  Jim Smith  Ford Escort Mk I 115 mins
  11. William Todd  Maurice Cresswell Vauxhall Corsa 119 mins
  12. Gary Milligan  Robert Milligan  Citroën Saxo 119 mins
  13. Mark Cromie  Gareth Jackson Vauxhall Nova 192 mins
  14. Plunkett Boyle  Vicki Milligan  VW Sharan 223 mins


  1. Alistair McKane  Jonathan McKane VW Golf  56 mins
  2. Gerry McWilliams Ferghal McDonald Peugeot 206  59 mins
  3. Mark McGirr  Blaise McCarney  Vauxhall Vectra  82 mins
  4. Stuart Hyland  Richard Hyland  Opel Astra  114 mins

Rally School

  1. Roy McCracken  Graeme Campbell Rover 400  69 mins
  2. Stephen Mills   Mervyn Galbraith  Peugeot 405  85 mins
  3. Bill Barker  Colleen Barker  BMW M3  96 mins
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