Motorsport Marshalling Partnership


The MMP has the objective of attracting an increased number of trained marshals into motorsport through a partnership between clubs and their marshals. This would be done by:


1. Creating a working group which clubs will work together to achieve the common goal and provide a volunteer incentive scheme.

2. Rewarding volunteers in recognition of the important role they fulfil in motorsport.

3. Providing an incentive to volunteers who help in an increasing number of events throughout the season.

4. Encouraging marshals to attend MSA recognised training to maximise their effectiveness in the safe running of events


During 2018 Marshals will be allocated points for helping at events and the points earn rewards and incentives, as follows:


1. The Top 3 Winners will win a trip to Knockhill BTCC Event and there will be a draw for 9 volunteers who have earned 15 or more points to attend KnockHill BTCC event.

2. 12 volunteers who have earned 12 or more points, (excluding KnockHill prize winners) will be drawn for a place in a Karting Grand Prix.

3. Volunteers who have earned 10 or more points will receive Orange Waterproofs or a backpack.

4. Volunteers, who have earned 7 or more points, will receive a Polo Shirt or Umbrella.

5. Any volunteers who have earned 3 or more points will be eligible for an MMP First Aid kit.

6. All marshals who have earned 1 point or more will be invited to attend the MMP reward day.

Events in 2016

Sun 17 Apr 2016 Marshal TrainingMMP Marshal Training
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